The Jury of INMUNOTEK Awards gathered during the VI Scientific Meeting of the SICAM (Society of Immunology of the Community of Madrid), held at the Carlos III Health Institute, has awarded prizes to the best submissions:

1) Basic Research INMUNOTEK Award: “Cardiac resident macrophages preserve heart structure and function” presented by Jose Ángel Ávila Nicolás from CNIC (National Cardiology Research Center)

2) Clinical Research INMUNOTEK Award: “Identification of differentially expressed proteins in the prefrontal cortex of patients with Alzheimer Disease using Protein Microarrays” presented by Pablo San Segundo-Acosta from UCM (Complutense University of Madrid)

The prizes were awarded to the winners in the closing ceremony of the conference with the presence of Dr. Estela Paz Artal (President of SICAM) and Dr. Jose L. Subiza (President of INMUNOTEK).

11/2015. Ganadores Premios INMUNOTEK

José Ángel Nicolás-Avila with Dr. Estela Paz Artal and Dr. José L. Subiza


11/2015. Ganadores Premios INMUNOTEK

Pablo San Segundo-Acosta with Dr. Estela Paz Artal and Dr. José L. Subiza

INMUNOTEK Awards were established  in collaboration with the SICAM to recognize the best research communications presented at the SICAM Day and promote research in the field of Immunology in the Community of Madrid. Each INMUNOTEK Award is set with an amount of 1,500 euros plus Diploma.

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