11/2016. 7th SICAM Conference Awards

Of all the scientific communications presented to the VII SICAM (Sociedad Inmunologia de la Comunidad de Madrid) Conference held last November 18 at the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, twelve were selected for the INMUNOTEK awards. The jury gathered after the oral presentation of these ones granted the following:

– INMUNOTEK Prize for Basic Research:

S. González García. CBM Severo Ochoa / CSIC / UAM “mir15-b and mir-16-2 regulate human T cell development and act tumor suppressor genes in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia”

– INMUNOTEK Award for Clinical Research:

A. Tejada Velarde. Hospital Ramón y Cajal. “Lipid specific oligoclonal IgM bands predict early conversion to multiple sclerosis after an optic neuritis”

The INMUNOTEK awards are endowed with 1,500 euros each and aim to favor the participation of research groups in immunology of the Community of Madrid in the scientific day that organizes the SICAM annually and to recognize the best works presented.

Las premiadas acompañadas por los finalistas y la Presidenta de la SICAM.