Una reciente publicación en BMC Infectious Diseases indica que UROMUNE (MV140) es eficaz contra las infecciones urológicas recurrentes no complicadas. El estudio, realizado en un total de 784 pacientes en los hospitales de Mataró y Moisés Broggi (Barcelona) entre 2011-2017, concluye que el tratamiento con UROMUNE fue altamente eficaz en la reducción del número de episodios infecciosos a los 3 y 6 meses de seguimiento. UROMUNE es una vacuna mucosal polibacteriana desarrollada por INMUNOTEK que se administra mediante spray.

The ICEX (Instituto de Comercio Exterior) an agency from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has interviewed Dr. Jose Luis Subiza, CEO-President of INMUNOTEK SL as a model company for its growth strategy.

This Ministry dictates the government policy on economic issues and reforms to improve competitiveness, scientific research, technological development and innovation in all sectors. Watch the video by clicking on the image.


It has been published in the scientific journal Curr Drug Targets. 2014; 15 (12): 1132-43 an interesting review about Mucosal Bacterial Vaccines that act as immunostimulating agents in both specific and non-specific pathways.

The review address their potential to enhance the antiinfectious resistance but also their possible immunomodulatory role for treating diseases affecting the immune system.

Títle: Extending the clinical horizons of mucosal bacterial vaccines: current evidence and future prospects

Authors: Sanchez-Ramon S, Diego RP, Dieli-Crimi R, Subiza JL.

Affiliations: Dep. of Immunology, Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid. Inmunotek, Spain.

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Mucosal Bacterial Vaccines

Report in the section INNOVATORS from El Mundo, one of the top Spanish newspapers.

The report highlights the new generation of vaccines targeting dendritic cells developed by INMUNOTEK SL in an interview with the CEO-President of INMUNOTEK Dr. Jose Luis Subiza. Read the article (in Spanish) by clicking on the image.


The work presented in the Congress of the EAACI 2015 (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) (Barcelona, Spain) within the session JMA Junior Members and Affiliates by Jose F. Cantillo entitled:

«Identification of new IgE-binding proteins from the mosquito Aedes aegypti»

Authors: Cantillo J.F., L. Puerta, P. Puchalska, S. Lafosse-Marin, E. Fernández-Caldas

has been awarded the prize for best presentation.

This work was conducted at INMUNOTEK R&D, Alcalá de Henares, Spain; Institute for Immunological Research/University of Cartagena, Colombia; Cabinet de Immunoallergology, Fort de France, Martinique, and Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.

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EAACI 2015