05/2014. Simposium Inmunotek – SEI

INMUNOTEK has participated in the 38th Congress of the SEI (Spanish Society of Immunology) (Badajoz, Spain) organizing the Satellite Symposium entitled:

“Bacterial Immunomodulation through mucous membranes: mechanisms and therapeutic advances”

Moderators Dr. José Luis Subiza and Dr. Eduardo Fernández-Cruz.


– Dr. Oscar Palomares “Immunomodulatory properties of dendritic cells activated by bacterial products”

– Dr. Silvia Sánchez Ramón “Expanding the horizon of bacterial immunomodulators in clinical practice”

In this symposium novel experimental and clinical findings on the immunomodulatory ability of bacteria contained in Bactek have been shown.

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05/2014. Simposium Inmunotek - SEI05/2014. Simposium Inmunotek - SEI