06/2012. Allergens in KSA

The World Allergy Organization Journal has published a multicenter clinical study addressing the prevalence of sensitization to indigenous allergenes in Saudi Arabia, Arab Emirates and Sudan.  

INMUNOTEK has been engaged in this project by manufacturing all the allergenic extracts used in the study,and its staff involved in the analysis of results and manuscript redaction.

“Sensitization to Indigenous Pollen and Molds and Other Outdoor and Indoor Allergens in Allergic Patients From Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Sudan”

S.M. Hasnain, A.R. Al-Frayh, J.L. Subiza, E. Fernández-Caldas, M. Casanovas, T. Geith, M. O. Gad-El-Rab, E. Koshak, H. Al-Mehdar, S. Al-Sowaidi, H. Al-Matar, R. Khouqeer, K. Al-Abbad, M. Al-Yamani,  E. Alaqi, O. A. Musa, and S. Al-Sedairy.