06/2013. VIVAC Project

INMUNOTEK has participated in the European project VIVAC led by Viscogel AB (Sweden). This project has been funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme Scientific and Technical Research, and has been aimed at the study and a new adjuvant (Viscogel) based on chitosan for use in preventive and therapeutic vaccines.

The objective of VIVAC has been fulfilled for prophylactic vaccination, showing safety and efficacy for ViscoGel as adjuvant in man. For therapeutic vaccination useful data have been obtained for the use of ViscoGel as adjuvant, but Proof of Concept was not obtained for this application.

The project was based on the background inventions and competence of the three participating Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)s:

– Viscogel AB, Sweden, provider of the ViscoGel technology – a chitosan based gel with demonstrated immunostimulatory capability and unique properties making it suitable for application as vaccine adjuvant.

– Lytix Biopharma AS, Norway, provider of peptide technology and LTX-315 – a cationic / mucoadhesive peptide with cell penetrating (cytolytic) capability.

– Inmunotek SL, Spain, provider of Bet v 1 – recombinant allergen and enriched natural allergen extracts technology.