10/2016. GAILL 2016

The 46th GAILL Meeting (Allergy and Immunology Group in Latin Languages) was held in Vila Viçosa (Alentejo, Portugal).

The meeting was attended by José Luis Subiza, Enrique Fernánsdez Caldas and Miguel Casanovas, President, Scientific Director and Medical Director of INMUNOTEK, who gave lectures on advances in immunotherapy for the treatment of allergic diseases in human and veterinary clinics.

GAILL was founded in Paris in 1971 by a group of French doctors from various disciplines interested in Allergology and Clinical Immunology, including Prof. Georges Halpern, Aron Brunetiere, Jean Claude Lods and others. Since 1976 the meetings are held in Portugal under the direction of a scientific council whose Secretary General is Prof. Antero Palma Carlos and the Presidency Prof. Maria Laura Palma Carlos.

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