The journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy has published an interesting clinical study with CLUSTOID. 

The results indicate that patients treated with CLUSTOID improve their nasal reactivity to the offending allergen in less than 2.5 months.

This supports that CLUSTOID has a very fast effect as evidenced by a quite objective measure like a nasal provocation challenge.

CLUSTOID is manufactured by INMUNOTEK, and is also marketed as CLUSTEK or ALXOID.

“Cluster immunotherapy with a glutaraldehyde-modified mixture of grasses results in an improvement in specific nasal provocation tests in less than 2.5 months of treatment”

Subiza J, Feliú A, Subiza JL, Uhlig J, Fernández-Caldas E.

1. Clinica Dr. Subiza (Madrid, Spain)

2. INMUNOTEK SL (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spain)

3. Roxall GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)

4. Dr. Beckmann Pharma GmbH (Seefeld, Germany)

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11/2008. Estudio CLUSTOID