11/2014. 14th Paul-Ehrlich Seminar

The 14th Paul Ehrlich International Seminar organized by the Paul Ehrlich Institut was held in Bad Nauheim (Germany).

Dr. Enrique Fernández-Caldas (Scientific Director of INMUNOTEK) was invited to give a lecture entitled:

Control of allergoids: possibilities and Limitations – development and validation of a test rabbit IgG specific to evaluate- the biological activity of allergoids (Drug Substance and Drug Product)”

Credits: Enrique Fernández-Caldas, Jose Ignacio Tudela, Daniel Sacristán Redondo, Jose Luis Subiza, Inmunotek S.L.; Madrid, Spain

The Paul Ehrlich Institut is the agency from the German Ministry of Health that regulates the biological treatments, including allergy vaccines for specific immunotherapy.

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11/2014. 14th Paul-Ehrlich Seminar