12/2011. WAO Award

The research study presented by Dr. Bárbara Cases to the WAO (World Allergy Organization) has been awarded as the best comunication submitted to the WAO Meeting (Cancún, 2011). This study has been performed with the collaboration of the Cabinet of Inmune Alergologie, Fort of France, Martinique.

Study of the Allergenic Cross-reactivity and Allergenic Composition of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Blomia tropicalis

Bárbara Cases*, Enrique Fernández-Caldas*, José Ignacio Tudela*, Eva A. Fernández*, Sylvie Lafosse-Marin, Miguel Casanovas*, and José Luis Subiza*.

* R&D and Medical Departments, Inmunotek.

12/2011. Premio WAO