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CIEGE Seal for INMUNOTEK at Business Excellence

INMUNOTEK obtains the CIEGE Seal for excellence in business management for the second consecutive year. This Seal certifies excellent management over 57 indicators from 10 categories: solvency, profitability, growth, employment, internationalization, corporate social responsibility, customer satisfaction, innovation, commercial risk management and digitization.

MV130 (Bactek) and mesenchymal stem cells

Frontiers in Immunology publishes a study on the effect of MV130 (Bactek) on mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are acquiring a leading role not only for their differentiation capacity but also for their emerging immunomodulatory activity. Mesenchymal stem cells can take up the bacteria contained in MV130 and modify their functionality towards pro and anti-inflammatory responses in a controlled sequential way.

INMUNOTEK HELLAS new subsidiary

INMUNOTEK HELLAS is established in Athens, Greece, as a new European subsidiary of INMUNOTEK. With INMUNOTEK HELLAS, there are currently five subsidiaries of the INMUNOTEK Group around the world, and the second in Europe.

INMUNOTEK Top-10 according to Pharma Tech Outlook

INMUNOTEK featured among the top-10 European immunotherapy providers by Pharma Tech Outlook, a specialized magazine in Pharma and Life Science technologies. The immunotherapy field covers different immune-based treatments for an increasing number of diseases. from allergies or cancer to autoimmune or infectious diseases.

INMUNOTEK at the A TU SALUD awards

INMUNOTEK is awarded for its research and innovative work in the field of Immunology in the IX Edition of the A TU SALUD Awards of the La Razón newspaper. The event was attended by the Mayor of Madrid, Mr. José Luis Martínez Almeida, who delivered the awards, and the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Mr. Enrique Ruiz Escudero

UROMUNE (MV140) in recurrent urinary tract infections

A systematic review on the role of UROMUNE (MV140) in the prevention of rUTI (recurrent urinary tract infections) has been published. The study, led by Dr. J. Curtis Nickel (Queen’s University, Canada), has taken into account published clinical data conducted with this vaccine. UROMUNE (MV140) is a sublingual vaccine developed and manufactured by INMUNOTEK that includes the main bacteria that cause recurrent urinary infections.


MV130 prevents respiratory infections in CVID patients

MV130 (Bactek) prevents recurrent respiratory infections in patients with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) according to a pilot study published in Biomedicines. The study is a proof of concept to evaluate MV130 as a trained immunity-based vaccine (TIbV) in CVID patients with recurrent respiratory infections despite prophylactic treatment with replacement immunoglobulins and antibiotics.

Supply of Products and COVID-19

INMUNOTEK has implemented action measures to minimize the impact that the COVID-19 crisis is having due to the confinement situation established in Spain with the aim of guaranteeing the supply of its products to patients.

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INMUNOTEK´s research in Allergy Virtual Issue

The research study on the effect of aluminum in the new allergoid-mannan conjugates carried out at the Complutense University of Madrid and INMUNOTEK published in Allergy, has been selected to be included in the opening issue of the Virtual Issue collection, aimed to promote the dissemination of outstanding studies.

Chinese Patent Granted

The Chinese Patent Office has granted to INMUNOTEK the patent CN105492022B. This refers to hypoallergenic neoglycoconjugates performed with non-oxidized mannan derived from S. cerevisiae to be used for the development of novel allergy vaccines targeting dendritic cells.