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Sensitisation to pollen in population groups

An interesting epidemiological study has been published in the Journal of Asthma and Allergy on pollen sensitisation profiles in a population with identical exposure but different origins in order to assess the influence of environmental and ancestral factors. The study was carried out in a town in Murcia (Spain) on the resident population of Spanish and Moroccan origin.

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ALXOID-mites in WAO Journal

A study conducted in Colombia to evaluate immunotherapy to house dust mites, including Blomia tropicalis, has been published in WAOJ (World Allergy Organization Journal). The study has assessed the efficacy and safety of ALXOID of three mites in a prospective trial with 250 patients led by Dr. Cardona (University of Antioquia) with the collaboration of INMUNOTEK.


EAACI Hybrid Congress 2022

INMUNOTEK has participated in the commercial exhibition of the annual EAACI congress held in Prague (Czech Republic) on 1-3 July. Although it has also been held in hybrid form and hampered by the mobility restrictions that still exist in many countries, it has had a large number of attendees.


Phase 2 trial with mannan-HDM allergoids published

Allergy publishes the results of the first-in-human clinical trial (Phase 2) aimed at addressing the safety and optimal dose of the new mannan-house dust mite allergoid vaccines for subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy. The study, conducted in the Mediterranean coast of Spain and coordinated by Dr. Antonio Nieto as principal investigator, involved 13 allergy centers and 196 patients.

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Editorial in NEJM Evidence on MV140

NEJM Evidence highlights in an Editorial the results of the clinical trial with MV140 recently published in that journal. MV140 showed its safety and efficacy in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, Phase 3 trial conducted in Spain and the United Kingdom.

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Cost-Effectiveness with MV140 (UROMUNE)

The reduction of recurrent urinary tract infections after treatment with MV140 (UROMUNE) represents a significant health saving according to a study published in Urologia Internationalis. The savings have been calculated taking into account the healthcare costs and medication associated with this type of infection in Spain. This study was carried out at the Urology Department of the Albacete University Hospital Complex.

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MV140 clinical trial results (phase 3) published

The results obtained with MV140 in women with recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) have been published in NEJM_Evidence. This is a randomized, placebo-controlled, Phase 3 clinical trial conducted in Spain and the United Kingdom to evaluate the safety and efficacy of MV140 in this condition.

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MV130 confers protection by inducing trained immunity

Results published in Cell Reports show that MV130 protects against respiratory viral infections by inducing Trained Immunity. This type of immunity generates memory and depends on the “training” of Innate Immune System cells. Trained immunity involves epigenetic and metabolic changes that make trained cells more effective against infections, including viral infections.


CIEGE 2021 Seal for Business Excellence

INMUNOTEK obtains the CIEGE Seal for excellence in business management for the third consecutive year granted by Informa-ElEconomista. This Seal certifies excellent management over 57 indicators from 10 categories: solvency, profitability, growth, employment, internationalization, corporate social responsibility, customer satisfaction, innovation, commercial risk management and digitization.