04/2019. Bactek-MV130 reduces tonsillectomies

According to a recent study published in the scientific journal Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics by Luis-Amando García González and Federico Arrutia Díez, the combination of an antibiotic treatment with Bactek-MV130 significantly reduces the need of tonsils removal in adult patients with recurrent tonsillitis.

The study, conducted at Hospital Valle del Nalón and Hospital de Cabueñes (Asturias, Spain) over 88 patients, compared a group treated with antibiotics alone to another treated with antibiotics plus Bactek-MV130.

Bactek-MV130 is a polybacterial mucosal vaccine produced by INMUNOTEK that is administered sublingually. Bactek-MV130 acts as a TIbV (trained immunity-based vaccine).  These vaccines may confer a broad anti-infectious protection, as outlined recently in Frontiers in Immunology.

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