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Results with MV140 in North American Patients

May 2023

The results obtained with MV140 in North American patients with recurrent uncomplicated urinary tract infections were presented at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association in Chicago. The study conducted in North America (Canada) under real-world conditions indicates that MV140 has a high degree of efficacy and safety in the prevention of this type of infection.
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ERS Research Seminar

April 2023

INMUNOTEK has sponsored the ERS (European Respiratory Society) Research Seminar that has taken place in Berlin with the title "Preventing asthma - are we ready to translate epidemiological and mechanistic studies into reality?" Leading researchers in the field were invited to present their latest results with new therapeutic approaches such as that offered by mucosal bacterial immunotherapy.
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Phase 3 results with mannan-conjugated allergoids

Conjugados alergoidesMarch 2023

The first results of a Phase 3 clinical trial conducted with polymerized allergoids conjugated with mannan have been presented at the AAAAI meeting held last February 24-27 in San Antonio, Texas. These preparations represent a new generation of allergen immunotherapy targeting dendritic cells developed by INMUNOTEK.
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MV140: Bibliographic review in Pathogens (MDPI)

Uromune InmunologíaFebruary 2023

Pathogens (MDPI) publishes a comprehensive literature review on MV140, a sublingual mucosal bacterial vaccine produced by INMUNOTEK. MV140 is indicated for immunoprophylaxis of recurrent uncomplicated urinary tract infections.
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Allergen vaccines and trained immunity in CEA

February 2023

New concepts in allergen-specific immunotherapy arising from discoveries related to the memory of innate immunity are reviewed in Clinical & Experimental Allergy. An analogy is drawn between trained immunity-based vaccines (TIbV) and trained immunity-based allergen vaccines (TIbAV) when the latter have, in addition to allergens, components that induce the training of innate immunity cells.
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