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INMUNOTEK revalidates its Innovative SME stamp

March 2019

INMUNOTEK revalidates its Innovative SME stamp issued by the Spanish Government at the Directorate General for Innovation and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy. This stamp was granted to INMUNOTEK in 2015.
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INMUNOTEK best innovative company

Premios CEIM InmunotekOctober 2018

INMUNOTEK is awarded as Best Innovative Company and distinguished as one of the three companies with the largest International Expansion, in the first edition of the CEIM-CEOE Awards. This recognition is given to companies that have stood out, both for their contribution to economic development, the creation of employment and for their work at the service of the community. Javier Ruiz, Deputy Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of the Community of Madrid has been in charge of giving the award to Dr. Enrique Fernández Caldas, Scientific Director of INMUNOTEK.
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MinisterioSeptember 2018

The Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has granted the funding of a research project for the development of a new biomarker in prostate cancer. The application was submitted by INMUNOTEK together with the ICSCYL Foundation to Retos-Colaboracion 2017 grant program.
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INMUNOTEK at the EAACI 2018 congress

Alergia e InmunologiaJune 2018

INMUNOTEK has been present at the annual conference of the EAACI (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology). The current edition, EAACI 2018, has taken place in Munich. In addition to the commercial exhibition, INMUNOTEK has participated contributing scientifically in the form of oral communications and posters.
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US patent granted

Patente EEUUApril 2018

The US Patent Office has granted to INMUNOTEK the patent US9901633B2. This refers to new glycoconjugates performed with non-oxidized mannan derived from S. cerevisiae that can be used for designing novel vaccines targeting dendritic cells. This approach is being used for the development of allergy vaccines with improved immunomodulatory properties.
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