03/2020. ITTN selects MV130 project

The project presented by INMUNOTEK has been selected in the “International Innovative Technology against COVID-19” an event organized by ITTN (International Technology Transfer Network) under the auspices of CAST (China Association for Science and Technology).  

INMUNOTEK has presented its project MV130 based on TIbV (trained immunity-based vaccines), in the “Roadshow & Matchmaking of International Innovative Technology against COVID-19”. MV130 confers antiviral resistance by stimulating innate immunity through stable metabolic and epigenetic changes on innate immune cells.

ITTN has been working since February 2020 with the support of the Science and Technology Exchange Center of CAST, through different partners such as MyBioGate, INNONATION, Global-tech IP and SPICI, to search for innovative projects that allow the fight against epidemic diseases. More than 300 international projects have been evaluated in relation to proposals against COVID-19.

In a first selection made by various expert committees, seven projects were invited to participate in the first online Roadshow  that took place on March 20th 2020. INMUNOTEK opened the session with its presentation (Dr. Laura Conejero). More than 200 Chinese attendees from biopharmaceutical companies, investment, institutions and experts from Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other places in China were present.