12/2023. Molecular diagnosis and mite allergy

An interesting study has been published in Current Issues in Molecular Biology on the pattern of molecular sensitization in young subjects allergic to house dust mites (HDM) and depot dust mites.

The results show a complex IgE response to both house dust mite and storage mite allergens, independent of the subjects’ baseline atopic status. Although patients with asthma and atopic dermatitis had significantly higher IgE titers than those with allergic rhinitis, no particular molecular profile was found to be disease specific.

The complexity of specific IgE responses to dominant local allergens necessitates such studies in order to include relevant allergens in immunotherapy products to meet the needs of precision medicine.

The paper, included in the special issue Molecular Mechanisms and Regulation in Allergy and Immune Diseases, was published in collaboration with INMUNOTEK.