11/2022. Response to Candida + MV140

The journal Frontiers in Immunology publishes an experimental study on the effect of Candida albicans (V132) on the induction of trained immunity in the presence of MV140.

Vaginal candidiasis is often associated with recurrent urinary tract infections due to continuous antibiotic treatment. MV140 is a polybacterial vaccine developed by INMUNOTEK for the prevention of urinary tract infections.  In this study, the effects of a combination formulation of MV140 with Candida albicans (V132) have been investigated as a continuation of a previous study. The results indicate that V132 is a strong inducer of trained immunity with the ability to potentiate the response to MV140.

The research has been performed between Complutense University (Madrid, Spain) and Radboud University (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) with the collaboration of INMUNOTEK.