02/2021. Industrial Doctorates

The Councilor for Science, Universities and Innovation of the Community of Madrid, Mr. Eduardo Sicilia, meets with INMUNOTEK to evaluate the development of the industrial doctorate program launched three years ago.

INMUNOTEK participates in this program with 5 doctorates in as many industrial research projects with different departments of the Faculties of Medicine and Chemistry of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Ms. M. Luisa Castaño, general director of Research and Technological Innovation, also participated in said meeting. On behalf of INMUNOTEK,   José Luis Subiza, President and CEO,  and Irene Real and Beatriz Amorós, representing the doctorates, attended.

The industrial doctorate program is an initiative of the Community of Madrid to promote the development of industrial projects of business interest through collaboration between research organizations and innovative companies. The doctorates, hired by the company, benefit from the program’s grants and from participating in an academic and business environment to carry out their doctoral thesis. In the case of INMUNOTEK, the industrial doctoral projects are aimed at developing new products through the transfer of knowledge and technology in an effective and mutual collaboration with the university.