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Inmunotek is a pharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and manufacturing products in the field of Allergy and Immunology for human and veterinary medicine.

Inmunotek manufactures different types of immunotherapy for allergic and recurrent infectious diseases under Good Manufacturing Practices. It also produces allergenic extracts for in vivo and in vitro diagnosis. Medical devices include products for professionals (Prick-Film) and nasal irrigation systems (SinuSalt).

Products for Immunotherapy and Diagnosis

Allergen extracts

Inmunotek manufactures and markets allergen extracts for specific immunotherapy (allergy vaccines) and diagnosis.

The quality of our allergen extracts is guaranteed by the rigorous control of the source materials used, an optimal manufacturing process under GMP in the most advanced facilities, and a highly skilled staff.

Bacterial Vaccines and Immunotherapy

Inmunotek manufactures and markets mucosal bacterial vaccines and bacterial immunotherapy  for recurrent respiratory and urological tract infections.  We also produce bacterial autovaccines from patients’ biological samples.

Prick-Film® System

This system is designed for an automatic reading and processing skin prick tests.

This system allows to automatically read skin prick tests through a scanner.  The results are processed immediately by an easy-to-use software delivering a full report of the results obtained. Prick-Film maintains the advantages of conventional methods (simplicity and economy) but avoiding inconveniences related to the performance and the management of these tests.

Nasal Irrigation Products

Sinusalt Device Nasal Irrigation


Device for doing nasal irrigation in a comfortable and easy way.