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Inmunotek is a pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in manufacturing and marketing products (drugs and medical devices) for allergy and immunology for human and veterinary pathologies.

Inmunotek produces anti-allergic vaccines for specific immunotherapy and bacterial mucosal vaccines.

As a manufacturer of medical devices, Inmunotek produces the following products: “Nasal Irrigation Products” y “Vaccines and Diagnostics”

Nasal Irrigation Products

Sinusalt Device Nasal Irrigation


Device for doing nasal irrigation in a comfortable and easy way.

Vaccines and Diagnostics

Inmunotek is a laboratory manufacturer of allergenic extracts for the production of diagnostics and vaccines under the Norms of Correct Manufacturing and therefore authorized by the Spanish Agency of the Medication.

The quality of its extracts is guaranteed by the strict control of the raw material, an optimum production process, modern and adequate facilities, and qualified personnel.