Innovating and sharing ideas

Inmunotek invests a large percentage of its income in R&D.

Its R&D team comprises top researchers who work on various technological development, innovation and research projects. The R&D department has well equipped labs of proteomics, molecular biology and immunology.

Inmunotek R&D lines focus on allergy and immunology (allergens, immunotherapy, immunomodulators, tumor markers, cancer vaccines) and on the development of IT tools for clinical applications.

Our motto, Innovating and Sharing Ideas, represents our focus on dynamic research open to cooperation with other groups and companies.

At present, Inmunotek is involved in several active projects with researchers from the School of Medicine and Chemistry (Madrid Complutense University),  San Carlos Hospital and Gregorio Marañon Hospital (Madrid), Salamanca University, Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) and the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII).

Inmunotek was also engaged as a member of the ViVac European consortium project (7th Framework Program) together with institutions from Sweden (Vicogel AB) and Norway (Lytix Biopharma), with the cooperation of the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) and Hacettepe University (Turkey).  Other research projects were performed with the University of  Barranquilla (Colombia) and the King Faisal Hospital & Research Centre (South Arabia).

Investigación inmunología

Innovative Company

Inmunotek is identified as an innovative company, appearing in the public register of Innovative SMEs of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain.  It has been awarded with the prize to the best innovative SME company by  CEIM and by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain with the National Innovation Award.

Clinical Trials

Inmunotek conducts clinical trials (phases I, II and III) in Spain and other countries to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the products it investigates.  The clinical development program of Inmunotek is broad and includes products for allergen and bacterial immunotherapies.