Novel allergoid-mannan vaccine in veterinary medicine

October 2018

Veterinary Dermatology has published a clinical trial with dogs suffering atopic dermatitis with a novel allergoid-mannan glycoconjugate vaccine developed by INMUNOTEK.
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September 2018

The Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has granted the funding of a research project for the development of a new biomarker in prostate cancer. The application was submitted by INMUNOTEK together with the ICSCYL Foundation to Retos-Colaboracion 2017 grant program.
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Mosquito allergy

July 2018

Allergy to mosquitoes and mites is common in certain geographic areas and both have important allergens such as tropomyosin that can lead to cross-reactions between them. A study has been published in Clinical Experimental Allergy which shows that the mosquito Aedes aegypti and the mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus share regions in their tropomyosin that justify the cross-response of antibodies and T cells.
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ICS 2018 Prize

July 2018

Prize received to the best communication (Biomedical Oligosaccharides section) during the 29th International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS 2018 - Lisbon). The award-winning study was carried out in the Department of Chemical and Structural Biology of the Molecular Biology Center of Madrid with the collaboration of INMUNOTEK.
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EAACI 2018 Awards

June 2018

New awards for two studies presented at the Congress of the EAACI 2018 (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) (Munich, Germany). Both studies, carried out in the Department of Biochemistry of the Complutense University of Madrid and which have had the participation of INMUNOTEK, have been awarded as the best communications in their respective sessions.
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Allergoids coupled to mannan. A review

May 2018

Novel glycoconjugates of allergoids coupled to mannan for a next generation of allergy vaccines. Allergo Journal International publishes a review about the development and main features of these novel vaccines targeting dendritic cells.
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Sublingual mannan-allergoid conjugates

February 2018

A new study of allergoids conjugated with mannan has been published in Allergy. In this work, the oral mucosa is experimentally analyzed as a route for the administration of these glycoconjugates. Its lower allergenicity, greater uptake by dendritic cells and immunomodulatory properties makes them good candidates for the development of safer and more effective anti-allergic sublingual vaccines.
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Clinical trial with UROMUNE in UK

January 2018

A recent study with UROMUNE (MV140) published in the British Journal of Urology International demonstrates its efficacy in the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections. This condition has a considerable morbidity worldwide and requires the continued use of antibiotics.
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BACTEK-MV130 Mechanisms

October 2017

The European Journal of Immunology has published a study on the immunological mechanisms of MV130 (BACTEK) and its effect on dendritic cells and ability to modulate the immune response. BACTEK-MV130 is a bacterial mucosal vaccine that is administered in spray (under the tongue) for the treatment of recurrent respiratory infections in adults and children.
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Allergoid-mannan conjugates in veterinary medicine

August 2017

A new study on novel allergoid-mannan conjugates developed by INMUNOTEK has been published in Veterinary Immunology Immunopathology. In this study the glycoconjugates were performed with mite allergens (Dermatophagoides farinae) that sensitize dogs suffering canine atopic dermatitis. Antibodies and cell responses were assayed. The results indicated that these glycoconjugates are hypoallergenic and better captured by the cells involved in antigen presentation (dendritic cells)
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