MV130 reduces wheezing attacks in young children

MV130 (Bactek)April 2021

The journal ARJCCM publishes online a randomized clinical trial conducted with MV130 (Bactek) aimed at evaluating its effect on safety and efficacy in the prevention of recurrent viral wheezing attacks in young children. MV130 is a sublingual bacterial preparation produced by INMUNOTEK for non-specific mucosal immunotherapy in recurrent respiratory infections.
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MV130 in B cell hematological malignancies

MV130 (Bactek)February 2021

According to a study published in Frontiers in Immunology, MV130 (Bactek) prevents recurrent infections in patients with malignant B-cell diseases. Respiratory tract infections are very common in these patients and require prophylactic treatment with antibiotics, which are not useful in many infections and they are not without risk. MV130 is a sublingual vaccine framed in the new concept of TIbV (trained immunity-based vaccines) with a wide spectrum of action against different pathogens.
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Trained Immunity and Viral Outbreaks

February 2021

"Viral Outbreaks", new book by IntechOpen, includes a chapter on trained immunity-based vaccines (TIbVs) with the participation of INMUNOTEK. These are broad-spectrum vaccines that could play an important role in temporarily protecting vulnerable people from dangerous viruses in the absence of effective specific vaccines.
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Symptoms and medication score in allergic asthma

January 2021

A scoring proposal that combines symptoms and medication for the monitoring of allergic asthma in immunotherapy treatments is published in the International Archives of Allergy and Immunology. This proposal, developed by INMUNOTEK, facilitates the evaluation of the efficacy of immunotherapy in clinical trials.
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MV140 enhances the response to Candida albicans

Candida albicansJanuary 2021

According to research published in Frontiers in Immunology, the response to Candida albicans is enhanced and improved in combination with MV140 (Uromune). Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis is a common infection. Prevention measures and treatments are still limited. It is often associated with urinary tract infections as a consequence of antibiotic treatment. Uromune is a bacterial vaccine used to prevent recurrent urinary infections. In this experimental study it is demonstrated how the combination of MV140 with Candida albicans enhances the response against this fungus, favoring the specific and non-specific cellular response, as well as the antibody response.
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MV130 (Bactek) and mesenchymal stem cells

MV130 (Bactek)November 2020

Frontiers in Immunology publishes a study on the effect of MV130 (Bactek) on mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are acquiring a leading role not only for their differentiation capacity but also for their emerging immunomodulatory activity. Mesenchymal stem cells can take up the bacteria contained in MV130 and modify their functionality towards pro and anti-inflammatory responses in a controlled sequential way.
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Occupational allergy to peach tree pollen

Alergia ocupacional al polen de melocotoneroOctober 2020

Peach tree pollen can be the cause of allergic rhinitis and asthma in exposed workers according to a paper published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Pru p 9 is identified as one of the relevant allergens and peach tree pollen is described as a cause of occupational allergy not previously described. The study opens the possibility of this type of allergy in workers with high exposure to entomophilous pollinating flowers, whose pollen has not been considered clinically relevant to date.
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UROMUNE (MV140) in recurrent urinary tract infections

CistitisAugust 2020

A systematic review on the role of UROMUNE (MV140) in the prevention of rUTI (recurrent urinary tract infections) has been published. The study, led by Dr. J. Curtis Nickel (Queen's University, Canada), has taken into account published clinical data conducted with this vaccine. UROMUNE (MV140) is a sublingual vaccine developed and manufactured by INMUNOTEK that includes the main bacteria that cause recurrent urinary infections.
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MV130 prevents respiratory infections in CVID patients

MV130 (Bactek)July 2020

MV130 (Bactek) prevents recurrent respiratory infections in patients with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) according to a pilot study published in Biomedicines. The study is a proof of concept to evaluate MV130 as a trained immunity-based vaccine (TIbV) in CVID patients with recurrent respiratory infections despite prophylactic treatment with replacement immunoglobulins and antibiotics.
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INMUNOTEK´s research in Allergy Virtual Issue

March 2020

The research study on the effect of aluminum in the new allergoid-mannan conjugates carried out at the Complutense University of Madrid and INMUNOTEK published in Allergy, has been selected to be included in the opening issue of the Virtual Issue collection, aimed to promote the dissemination of outstanding studies.
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