03/2020. Virtual Issue includes INMUNOTEK´s research

Virtual Issue is a collection of recently published articles in Allergy selected by the Editor-in-Chief on a topic of high interest that are made available Free Access by the journal. Its aim is to bring these articles to the attention of Allergy readers and to reach a wider audience, such as doctors and other health care professionals, who do not have daily access to academic journals.

The first Virtual Issue is dedicated to leading research on Biologicals and Allergen Immunotherapy (AIT). In this issue the research article carried out in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Faculty of Chemistry, Complutense University of Madrid) under the direction of Prof. Oscar Palomares, and INMUNOTEK has been included:

Alum impairs tolerogenic properties induced by allergoid‐mannan conjugates inhibiting mTOR and metabolic reprogramming in human DCs

Cristina Benito‐Villalvilla, Irene Soria, Mario Pérez‐Diego, Enrique Fernández‐Caldas, José Luis Subiza, Oscar Palomares

Alum is one of the most widely used adjuvants in AIT and in this study the authors provide mechanistic insights on Alum impairing tolerogenic properties elicited by allergoid-mannan conjugates. 

Allergy 75