03/2019. Innovative SME stamp

INMUNOTEK revalidates its Innovative SME stamp.

INMUNOTEK maintains its R&D effort working in a number of research projects that have allowed the revalidation of the Innovative SME stamp granted in 2015 by the Spanish Government.

Currently, INMUNOTEK has ongoing projects with different research centers, including the Complutense University of Madrid (Immunology, Biochemistry and Cell Biology), University of Salamanca, CNIC (National Center for Cardiovascular Research), ISCIII (Carlos III Health Institute) and CIB (Biological Research Center).

The public record of innovative SMEs depends on the Directorate for Innovation and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain. It is granted by the Order ECC / 1087/2015 where the requirements for its obtention are described.