10/2022. Pollen sensitisation profiles

The Journal of Asthma and Allergy publishes a study comparing the prevalence of sensitisation according to the origin of the population.

The study was carried out in the area of Blanca (Murcia, Spain) on 693 children and adolescents born and residing in this area, comparing those with Spanish versus Moroccan ancestry. Parents of both groups born in their countries of origin were also studied.

The results show that the pattern of allergen sensitization differs among parents and to a much lesser extent among children. In the latter, there is a tendency towards greater sensitization among those of Spanish descent, which is significant in the case of Ole e 1 allergen.

The study was coordinated by Dr. Miguel Blanca (Fundación para la Investigación e Innovación Biomédica de los Hospitales Universitarios Infanta Leonor y Sureste, Madrid) with the collaboration of INMUNOTEK.