02/2021. MV130 in hematological malignancies

An interesting study on the preventive effect of MV130 (Bactek) in recurrent infections associated with B cell hematological malignancies has been published in Frontiers in Immunology.   

MV130 (Bactek) is a sublingual vaccine manufactured by INMUNOTEK composed of inactivated bacteria, designed to prevent a broad spectrum of respiratory tract infections. Malignant hematological B cell diseases are associated with an immunological deficit.  Recurrent infections of the respiratory tract are very frequent, which are treated with antibiotics and, where appropriate, with replacement therapy with immunoglobulins.

In this study, the clinical benefit of MV130 was evaluated in a group of patients with B cell hematological malignancies who were treated for 3 months with the vaccine. The results indicate a notable reduction in infections during the following year, associated with a lower consumption of antibiotics and health resources.

MV130 is a vaccine that responds to the new concept of trained immunity-based vaccines (TIbV), which by inducing this type of immunity, enhances innate and adaptive responses against a wide range of pathogens.


This study was carried out at the Clinico San Carlos Hospital in Madrid, under the direction of Dr. Sánchez-Ramón, with the collaboration of INMUNOTEK.