09/2021. Results with MV130 presented at ERS 2021

The first phase 3 results of a multi-centre study in COPD patients to assess the effect of MV130 in preventing exacerbations in these patients were presented at the ERS (European Respiratory Society) annual congress.   

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) affects a high percentage of the population worldwide, especially smokers and ex-smokers. It is associated with a great loss of quality of life and exacerbations that cause high morbidity and mortality. In general, exacerbations are associated with respiratory infectious processes and are treated with antibiotics.

The ERS Congress is the most important meeting of health professionals in the field of the respiratory system. The communication on MV130 was selected for presentation at the ALERT:COPD session and presented by Dr. Luis Puente Maestu (Head of the Pneumology Department, Gregorio Marañón University Hospital, Madrid) with the title:

RCT Abstract – Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase III clinical trial with MV130, a sublingual bacterial immunotherapy to prevent COPD exacerbations

The results, obtained on 198 patients in active and placebo groups from 7 hospitals that were followed during 18 months, have been very favorable for MV130. Both the reduction in the number and duration of exacerbations and the consumption of antibiotics favor the treatment, which was highlighted during the presentation and in different reports by specialized journalists covering the congress (MedPage Today; Healio; Pharmastar).

MV130 (Bactek®) is a polybacterial preparation developed and manufactured by INMUNOTEK that is administered as a sublingual spray. MV130 meets the criteria for trained immunity-based vaccines (TIbVs). These conceptually novel vaccines confer nonspecific but long-lasting protection while promoting adaptive responses to eventual concurrent infections.

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