06/2021. JACI highlights results with MV130

JACI (Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) features MV130 in its News Beyond Our Pages section, where the most outstanding news published in allergy and immunology are highlighted.  

The news “Bacterial sublingual immunotherapy prevents recurrent wheezing” refers to the recent publication in AJRCCM where positive results obtained with MV130 in children with recurrent bronchiolitis are presented.  MV130 decreases the number and duration of these episodes compared to the placebo group. The JACI commentary points out the robustness of the results in maintaining their statistical significance when analyzed in a worst-case scenario. Dr. Antonio Nieto, principal investigator and first author, highlights the possible role of trained immunity in the mechanism of action of MV130.

MV130 (Bactek®) is a polybacterial preparation for sublingual administration composed of inactivated whole cell bacteria. MV130 acts as a non-specific immunotherapy against different pathogens including respiratory viruses,  the main cause of wheezing attacks in young children. MV130 has the features of trained immunity-based vaccines (TIbV), which are conceptually novel vaccines that confer long-lasting  non-specific protection while promoting adaptive responses against eventual concurrent infections.