08/2021. AJRCCM publishes MV130 study

The AJRCCM (American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine) publishes in its August issue the results of the effect of MV130 in reducing wheezing attacks in children and a related Editorial.  

Wheezing attacks are a threat to the health of children worldwide. Nearly 50% of children during their first years of life present these episodes. The etiology of wheezing attacks is diverse, although viral infections are the main cause. At present there are no vaccines against the different causative viruses to prevent the disease.

The published study shows a significant reduction in the number and duration of wheezing attacks in the group of children treated with MV130.

The related Editorial points out that the training of innate immunity may be the possible mechanism of action of MV130, which could represent a new therapeutic approach to protect young children from recurrent wheezing attacks.

MV130 (Bactek®) is a polybacterial preparation developed and manufactured by INMUNOTEK that is administered as a sublingual spray. MV130 meets the criteria for trained immunity-based vaccines (TIbVs). These conceptually novel vaccines confer nonspecific but long-lasting protection while promoting adaptive responses to eventual concurrent infections.

The study was conducted in Spain (Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe and Hospital de Manises, Valencia) under the direction of Dr. Antonio Nieto, with the sponsorship of INMUNOTEK.