04/2023. Long-term effect of MV130/MV140

The journal Biomedicines (MDPI) publishes a long-term follow-up study in autoimmune patients with recurrent respiratory and/or urinary tract infections under immunosuppressive therapy who had previously been treated with MV130 or MV140.   

Bacterial immunotherapy with MV130 or MV140 administered through the oral mucosa (perlingual/sublingual) has been shown to be effective in reducing recurrent respiratory and urinary tract infections, respectively, in susceptible individuals.

A previous study had shown the clinical benefit of both preparations in the control of infections associated with immunosuppressive treatment in patients with autoimmune diseases. The study now published is a long-term follow-up of the same patients after discontinuation of treatment with MV130/MV140. The results indicate that the clinical benefit of MV130 and MV140 can last up to 3 years after discontinuation.

MV130 and MV140 are a new concept of mucosal vaccines inducing trained immunity (trained immunity-based vaccines, TIbV) produced by INMUNOTEK.