02/2024. Real-life study with MV130

Vaccines publishes a retrospective study on the incidence of respiratory infections in patients treated with MV130. 

The study, conducted on real-life data, shows a significant reduction in respiratory infections in children and adults, as well as associated antibiotic consumption, during the year of observation after treatment with MV130 compared to the previous year.

MV130 is a sublingual bacterial vaccine developed by INMUNOTEK for the prevention of recurrent respiratory infections.

MV130 confers protection against respiratory infections by both specific and non-specific mechanisms, as many respiratory infections are of viral origin. This has been demonstrated in experimental virus infections and in clinical settings (bronchiolitis in young children) where viral origin is prevalent. In this respect, MV130 is an example of a vaccine based on trained immunity (TIbV, trained immunity-based vaccines). This immunity depends on the activation and memory of the innate immune system.