10/2021. MV140 and autovaccines in rUTIs in the elderly

Vaccine publishes a prospective study in frail elderly patients with recurrent urinary tract infections (rUTIs) comparing two types of bacterial vaccines (MV140 and autovaccines) as prophylactic treatment.   

MV140 is a polybacterial vaccine with a selected bacterial formulation while autovaccines are individualized preparations made from the bacteria species found in the patient’s own sample (urine). Both are whole-cell inactivated bacterial vaccines produced by INMUNOTEK, are adjusted to the same concentration, have the same excipients and are administered sublingually using the same schedule.

The results of the study, led by Dr. Mª Fernanda Lorenzo-Gómez (Complejo Asistencial Universitario de Salamanca, Spain), indicate that both MV140 and autovaccines reduce the frequency of infections and improve the quality of life of these patients. In both parameters, however, the benefit associated with MV140 is significantly higher than that obtained with autovaccines in both men and women.

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