01/2021. Candida albicans in combination with MV140

An interesting study on the immunomodulatory effect of MV140 (Uromune) in combination with Candida albicans has been published in Frontiers in Immunology.   

MV140 (Uromune) is a sublingual vaccine manufactured by INMUNOTEK composed of inactivated bacteria, designed to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections. Candida albicans is a fungus that causes recurrent infections of the vulva and vagina. Recurrent vulvo-vaginitis is frequently associated with urinary tract infections.

In this study, the effect of combining MV140 with Candida albicans (V132) on the function of cells that are essential in the immune response against this pathogen is experimentally analyzed. The results of this research indicate that the MV140/V132 combination enhances responses with potential to confer resistance against infection by this fungus, while inducing others that limit excess inflammation.

The study also shows that the MV140/V132 combination can be adscribed to the new concept of trained immunity-based vaccines (TIbVs).

This research has been carried out in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Chemistry, Complutense University of Madrid, under the direction of Prof. Oscar Palomares, with the collaboration of the Department of Immunology, Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid) and INMUNOTEK.

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