05/2024. MV140 and interstitial cystitis

The journal Pathogens publishes the effect of MV140 (Uromune) in patients with interstitial cystitis

Interstitial cystitis/Bladder pain syndrome is a chronic inflammatory process that affects the bladder. It is often associated with recurrent or poorly treated urinary tract infections (UTIs). Ongoing inflammation of the bladder causes irritation and pain that can significantly affect quality of life.

A subset of women with recurrent UTIs enrolled in the first North American study of MV140 had interstitial cystitis refractory to conventional treatments. The results published in Pathogens indicate resolution or improvement of this pathology in these subjects. A potential mechanism by which MV140 may exert an anti-inflammatory effect in this process is also suggested.

MV140 is a sublingual mucosal vaccine developed by INMUNOTEK that contains the bacteria responsible for most urinary tract infections.

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