05/2024. MV140 against uropathogens (UPEC)

Vaccines journal publishes experimental results on the effect of MV140 on the induction of an immune response against uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC) bacteria and its protection against UPEC in a urinary tract infection model.

UPEC bacteria cause 80% of urinary tract infections, mostly in the form of cystitis. Recurrences of these infections are frequent. MV140 is a mucosal vaccine that has demonstrated clinical efficacy in the prevention of recurrent cystitis.

The study in mice shows that MV140 elicits a robust immune response against an E. coli strain (UTI89) that is considered prototypical of UPEC. It also demonstrates the ability of MV140 to confer protection against experimental infection with this UPEC.

The publication is included in the special issue of Vaccines “Bacterial Vaccine: Mucosal Immunity and Implications“.

MV140 is a bacterial vaccine developed by INMUNOTEK and administered by spraying onto the sublingual mucosa.

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