05/2022. Phase 2 clinical trial with PM-HDM in Allergy

The journal Allergy publishes the first-in-human clinical trial with polymerized house dust mite allergoids conjugated with mannan (PM-HDM).

Polymerized allergoids coupled to mannan represent a new concept of vaccines for allergen-specific immunotherapy targeting dendritic cells developed by INMUNOTEK. Dendritic cells are key players in the initiation and modulation of the immune response.

The article shows the safety results and optimal doses of polymerized house dust mite allergoids coupled to mannan when administered subcutaneously or sublingually. In this trial both primary and secondary clinical efficacy outcomes were met without major safety issues.

The clinical trial, whose principal investigator has been Dr. Antonio Nieto (Hospital Universitario La Fe, Valencia, Spain), was conducted in 13 allergy centres of the Valencian Community located in the Mediterranean coast of Spain with a high prevalence of house dust mite allergy.