03/2023. Phase 3 results presented at AAAAI

The first Phase 3 clinical results with polymerized allergens conjugated to mannan have been presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology meeting in San Antonio, TX.

Mannan-conjugated polymerized allergens are a new concept of allergen-specific immunotherapy targeting dendritic cells developed by INMUNOTEK. Up date, three dose-finding clinical trials (Phase 2) have been conducted for birch pollen, grasses and house dust mites with satisfactory results.

The results presented in San Antonio are the first derived from a confirmatory study (phase 3) with the previously chosen optimal dose.

The clinical trial has been conducted in Germany coordinated by the team of Professor Dr. med. R. Mösges (University of Cologne, ClinCompetence GmbH) targeting birch pollen, a major cause of respiratory allergy in central and northern Europe. With only 5 injections in a pre-seasonal regimen, the reported results are considered excellent in terms of efficacy versus placebo, and also in terms of safety and tolerability.