08/2021. Respiratory allergy to peach tree pollen

PLOS One publishes a study showing that allergic patients with respiratory symptoms due to sensitization to peach tree pollen can tolerate peach consumption.  

In this study on 716 individuals exposed to peach and peach tree pollen, sensitization to allergens related to fruit (Pru p 1, Pru p 3, Pru p 4, Pru p 7) and pollen (Pru p 9) was evaluated. In sensitized patients, oral tolerance tests with fruit and nasal provocation tests with pollen extract, respectively, were performed.  The relationship between the type of sensitization and oral and/or respiratory symptoms were assessed. The results indicate a dissociation between sensitization to fruit and pollen, being able to be tolerant to fruit while presenting respiratory symptoms to pollen.  This shows the importance of the allergenic differences between both sources and the relevance of Pru p 9 in respiratory allergy produced by this pollen.

This research has been carried out in the region of Murcia (Spain) under the direction of Dr. Miguel Blanca, from the Allergy Service of the Infanta Leonor Hospital (Madrid), with the contribution of different hospitals in Malaga, Murcia and Alicante and INMUNOTEK.

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