09/2018. RETOS-COLABORACION Project Granted

The Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities has granted the funding of the research project RTC-2017-6271-1 applied by INMUNOTEK together with the Foundation of the Institute of Studies of Health Sciences of Castilla y León.

The project is focused to a technological development to quantify a new tumor serum marker with clinical utility for the early diagnosis of patients with prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer affects an increasing number of men for demographic reasons (aging of the population) and also because the treatments allow a greater control of the disease. Although PSA levels in the blood can detect cancer in early stages, the values ​​can also increase in benign prostate diseases. This is fueling the search of other biomarkers able to complement the information offered by the PSA.

Retos Colaboracion 2017 Inmunotek