05/2019. Eliseo Subiza Botanical Identification Days

The XXII Botanical Identification Day “Eliseo Subiza” was dedicated to the olive tree.

These days, organized by the Allergy Service of the “Virgen del Valle” Hospital and the AINALVIVA (Association for the Allergological Research Virgen del Valle) of Toledo, have dedicated their XXII edition to the olive tree. The pollen of this tree is of great allergological importance in Spain and other Mediterranean countries where this tree abounds. Its pollen produces respiratory allergies with a high prevalence in the South of Europe. In addition to the field trips around Toledo to learn about allergenic plants, a visit was made to the Olive Oil Museum “Felipe Vegue” de Mora and the olive grove of the “La Moncloa” farm in Mascaraque (Toledo).

The “Eliseo Subiza” Botanical Identification Days emerged as an initiative of Dr. Carlos Senent (Allergy Service of the Virgen del Valle Hospital, Toledo, Spain) to promote the botanical knowledge among young allergists to become familiar with the main allergenic local plants. The training is eminently practical with field trips guided by botanical experts, which are complemented by lectures on aeroallergens, botany, palynology and aerobiology. They carry the name of the allergist Eliseo Subiza (1921-1998) in recognition of his pioneering work in the study of allergenic pollens in Spain.

XXII Jornada Eliseo Subiza_1
XXII Jornada Eliseo Subiza_2