09/2022. Results with ALXOID three mites

The World Allergy Organization Journal (WAOJ) publishes an immunotherapy study with three mites (D. pteronyssinus, D. farinae and B. tropicalis) conducted in Medellin (Colombia).   

Immunotherapy studies with allergoids in patients with mite allergy have been restricted to house dust mites that predominate in relatively high latitude climates (Dermatophagoides).  In latitudes closer to the equator, Blomia tropicalis, a mite that has its own allergenic entity, is also of great importance.

The study published in WAOJ was conducted in Colombia under the direction of Dr. Ricardo Cardona (University of Antioquia) with the objective of evaluating the efficacy and safety of an immunotherapy with a mixture of the three mites (ALXOID) in 250 patients with allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, with or without asthma, due to sensitization to these mites.

ALXOID is a therapeutic vaccine manufactured by INMUNOTEK for allergen-specific immunotherapy with polymerized allergens adsorbed onto aluminum hydroxide.